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Our Great Outdoors

We live surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery & wildlife in the world. It's important to protect our access, keep it beautiful, and make it safe to explore for everyone.

Keeping it Accessible

Working with other local teams such as the Yavapai Trails Association and the Over the Hill Gang, GPOF has contributed funding & volunteers to building our dream trails, bike paths, benches, & parks so that every body can recreate.

To learn more about Prescott Trails CLICK HERE.

Keeping it Beautiful

We all work together to protect & care for our open spaces. We fund collaborative efforts with groups such as Prescott Parks & Recreation and the Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance to maintain our recreational spaces and inform the public about proper use.

Keeping it Safe

We all have different abilities when it comes to the outdoors. Safe trails, maps, & good signage are so important. Plus, supporting our local Search and Rescue *just in case*!

Weekend Market
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